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Orange County Police Shooting Attorney


If you or a loved one has been involved in a police shooting in Orange County, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. Police shootings can be complex cases and the outcome of any case will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding it. An experienced Orange County police shooting attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process and provide essential guidance during this difficult time.

Attorney Scott D. Hughes understands how traumatic these situations can be for everyone involved – especially those who have been injured or lost someone close to them as a result of police abuse. He has over a decade of experience representing individuals who have had their civil rights violated by law enforcement officers through excessive force or other wrongful acts resulting from police shootings in Orange County and Los Angeles County. We are committed to providing compassionate representation while fighting vigorously for justice on behalf of our clients every step along the way – from filing government tort claims with government entities through trial and appeal, if necessary.

We know what’s at stake when you’ve been wrongfully abused by law enforcement officers; not only do you need effective legal counsel but also emotional support during this trying time too which is why we take great care when working with each client individually, so they feel comfortable discussing their case openly without fear judgment or repercussions. At our firm, no stone goes unturned as we investigate every detail thoroughly to prepare your case for trial. With years of successfully litigating against government entities including cities and counties throughout California, and against the United States, rest assured knowing your best interests remain priority number one. Hire us early and let us fight hard to make sure you get the fair treatment you deserve under the United States Constitution. We will work hard to protect your civil liberties and work tirelessly until justice is served.

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Scott D. Hughes is a police abuse attorney in Orange County practicing in State and Federal Court.

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