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How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take To Complete?


Every personal injury case is unique, and the outcome of each one can vary significantly. Whether you’re dealing with an insurance company or a government entity, the process of resolving your claim can sometimes be very quick or long and difficult.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to settle cases quickly and cheaply – offering pennies on the dollar for what your case is actually worth. They may even use tactics like continuously demanding items you cannot produce in order to stall negotiations or refusing to pay out in order to pressure you into accepting their offer without consulting a lawyer first.

Once you obtain counsel, an experienced personal injury lawyer can produce all of the relevant documents to the insurance company with a detailed explanation of the theories of liability with analysis and justification for any amount of money demanded. This will help make the process of negotiating between the insurance company more efficient and effective. Typically, a lawyer will not begin making a demand for money from an insurance company until the full extent of the injuries and treatment needed is completely known. Until then, it may not be in the client’s best interest to settle the case. In other cases, the full extent of the injuries and treatment may be known very early in the process and that may expedite obtaining full value from the insurance company before the need to file a lawsuit or go to trial.

Government entities have different rules when it comes to resolving claims that involve them, which means that some cases may take years before they reach a resolution through settlement or trial proceedings. In addition, these types of defendants often require additional documentation from claimants before any settlement discussions begin – so if you think there might be a chance that your case could involve a government entity then make sure you work with your counsel to obtain all information about your case as early as possible in order to avoid delays down the line!

No matter who is responsible for causing harm in your situation – whether it's another person, organization, or government entity - understanding how personal injury law works will help ensure that justice prevails while also protecting yourself financially during this challenging time period.

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