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How To Prepare a Personal Injury Plaintiff for Deposition by Insurance Defense Lawyers


As a plaintiff in a personal injury case, you may be called to give testimony by the defendant's insurance company’s lawyers. This is an important step that could significantly impact your claims and it’s essential for you to properly prepare for the event. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your deposition as a plaintiff:

1. Gather all relevant documents related to your case such as medical records, bills, accident reports and witness statements in case they are referenced during the deposition.

2. Review all of these documents thoroughly before attending the deposition in order to refresh yourself on any facts or details surrounding your case that may come up during questioning from defense counsel.

3. Familiarize yourself with any legal terms associated with personal injury cases so you can confidently answer questions without appearing confused or uncertain about what words mean when asked by defense lawyers who will likely use technical language throughout their questioning process.

4. Be aware of potential traps set by insurance company lawyers such as leading questions designed specifically aimed towards discrediting certain aspects of one’s own argument; this means being careful not only about what one says but also how they say it while testifying under oath (e.,g., using precise terminology instead of broad generalizations).

5. Be prepared to discuss every address you ever lived at and every job you have ever had. For some unknown reason, insurance defense lawyers spend over an hour asking questions such as “And where did you live before that,” and “Where did you work after that?” etc. It’s helpful to go over the timeline of your entire life beforehand to easily get through those questions.

Lastly, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney beforehand. We will go over all of the aspects of your case with you and make sure you are well prepared for any deposition.

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