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Orange County Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer


Sexual molestation and assault of students by caretakes such as teachers, priests, and ministers are the most eggregious violations of trust a person can violate. Lately, victims of these types of offenses have been coming forward and complaining and will be able to file a lawsuit against the teacher and the county or school district in certain cases.

Lawsuits against school authorities arising out of the sexual abuse of a student by a teacher are very complex. Civil lawsuits against teachers and school districts are vigorously defended by government lawyers.

Personal Injury lawyers, such as Scott D. Hughes who handle sexual abuse lawsuits against teachers and schools, must do a thorough investigation to determine if the school was negligent by:

1. Failing to listen and react promptly to reports from students, often including reports or complaints from the victims themselves;

2. Failing to listen and react promptly to concerns and complaints from co-workers, parents and others about their observations of inappropriate behavior on the part of a teacher; and

3. Failing to look for, recognize and react promptly to danger signs, clues of misconduct and indicia of abuse.

If you or a loved on have been sexually abused by a teacher in California, contact attorney Scott D. Hughes for your free consultation.

Scott D. Hughes is a California Personal Injury Lawyer pracitcing in State and Federal Court.

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