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California Mirena Injury Lawyer


Mirena is an IUD that was approved in January 2000 for contraception and later in 2009 was approved for control of menstruation. Mirena is regulated as a device by the FDA because of the medications it releases and is approved under the food drug and cosmetic act section 505 (b). Mirena is manufactured by Bayer but unlike most contraceptives, it does not contain estrogen. Mirena is recommended for use in women that have had at least one child. The device is inserted into the uterus and should be removed after five years.

The Mirena label does not warn for spontaneous migration or risk of perforation aside from the time of implantation (this label has since been slightly modified in May 2014).

Products Liability Attorney Scott Hughes is looking for injuries that demonstrate that the Mirena device had migrated after implantation resulting in perforation of the uterus and/or embedment requiring surgical removal.

If you or someone you know has suffered injury due to the Mirena device, please contact personal injury lawyer Scott D. Hughes for your free consultation.

Scott D. Hughes is a California personal injury attorney practicing in State and Federal Court.

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