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Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes Pre-Litigation Checklist


Initial Contact & Retention

1. Identify Clients – Adverse Parties – Related Parties: entity / individual; locations / jurisdictions

2. Run Conflicts and resolve

3. Obtain billing guidelines or limitations

4. Engagement Letters and Waivers

Assessment of Status

5. Insurance • Request policies • Identify if claims made

6. Identify ADR obligations [arbitration or mediation]

Assessment of Client

7. Identify the client’s goals

8. Explore the client’s risk tolerance

9. Determine need and scope of budgets

Assessment of Adverse Party

10. Conduct litigation search of party and counsel

Assessment of Venue

11. Identify the venue and removal options

Initial Assessment

12. Identify Claims, Defenses, Statutory or Contractual Deadlines

13. Request Relevant Documents

14. Identify primary witnesses • Schedule interviews

15. Prepare Litigation Hold letters • Identify custodians

16. Identify ESI issues and prepare plan for retention and collection

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