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5 Hazards on California Roads and How to Deal with Them


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Driving in Los Angeles and Orange County can be extremely dangerous. In 2014 in Los Angeles alone, over 35,000 people were injured or killed in a car accident. While the hazards of driving are innumerable, below are a few of the more common occurrences and steps you can take to decrease your chances of getting in an accident.

Skidding in the Rain.

We've all experienced roads that are low-lying or contain dips, allowing large puddles to form. This can cause our cars to skid, especially as we're turning a corner. While the old advice of "turning into the skid" remains effective, many experts have dropped this suggestion because it was too confusing to drivers. Instead, remove your foot from the gas pedal, focus on a point further down the road, and gently steer your car towards that focal point. Despite your instincts, do not rapidly turn your wheel to the left or right, because oversteering can cause your vehicle to roll over.

Tire Blowout on Pacific Coast Highway.

Hearing a "boom" and then repeated thumps is anxiety provoking, but especially so when you're driving on a highway. The absolute best action you can take is to stay calm and continue driving in your lane. Do not jerk the wheel and keep your foot off of the brake pedal. Braking will cause you to lose control of your car. Allow your car to naturally slow down and turn on your hazards. Once it has sufficiently slowed, steer your car off the road to a safe area and gently use your brakes.

Two-Year-Old Escapist Gets Out of Carseat.

After realizing that your toddler in the backseat has become noticeably quiet, you glance in the rearview mirror and realize that he has exited his carseat and is standing up, looking out the window. First: while difficult, remain calm and do not overreact. Slamming on the brakes will injure him, of course, and you could also do harm by turning around and yelling if your car swerves. Next, safely move off of the road, stopping as far from the road as you can on the shoulder or exiting the highway. Move around to the side of the car that's furthest from the road to put your child back in his seat, and firmly explain why he must stay in his carseat.

Fog Clouds Your View.

Early morning rides can sometimes mean a foggy commute where it's difficult to see traffic signs and stoplights. When this happens, slow down. Fog, especially when it's thick, can make it seem that you're going slower than your actual speed. Keep an eye on your speedometer and turn on your low beam or fog lights. Never use your bright lights in this situation, because the high beams will be reflected toward you through the moisture. As a guide, use the pavement line to your right. Looking at the center markings will cause you to drift closer to oncoming cars. Continue moving—don't stop on the road. If you need to stop because the visibility is too low, head over to a safe place that's as far from the road as possible.

Screaming Children in the Backseat.

Nothing can grate the nerves quite like a wailing infant. Babies often cry while in their carseats, either because they're alone, uncomfortable, or not used to the seat. If consoling her with your voice from the front seat is not working, do not turn around to pat her or hold her. Doing so takes your focus off the road and can quickly lead to an accident. Instead, pull into a safe location, such as a parking lot or a rest area, and take care of the baby by feeding her, holding her, or changing her diaper. Never take your baby into the front seat, no matter how upset she is, because babies can be injured or killed by the airbags in the vehicle's front seats.

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Road hazards are everywhere in Orange County and throughout the state, but by taking precautions and understanding how to react to potential situations, you can limit the risk that you'll cause a car accident. If you have been injured because of a car accident caused by a reckless driver—one who was distracted or driving negligently or while impaired—contact an experienced Orange County attorney. The attorneys at the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes have years of experience representing plaintiffs in car accident cases involving negligent drivers. Contact the Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes today at 714-423-6930 for your free consultation.

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