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Passenger Injury Claims: Who Do I Sue If I'm Injured In A Car Accident?


Sustaining injuries as a passenger in a car accident can be traumatic. Depending on the severity of your injuries you may have racked up a high medical bill, lost wages, and perhaps even suffered a decrease in your quality of life. After the debris of your crash are swept off the road and your stitches have healed, you may be wondering, as a passenger in a car crash who do I sue for damages?

Third Party Insurance Claims

As a passenger, you are in a unique position regarding your personal injury claim because you are zero percent negligent for the car accident that occurred. Depending on who is at fault for the accident, you can make a claim against either of the following:

  • The insurance policy of driver whose car you were riding in at the time of the accident
  • The policy of the driver who was also involved in the accident.

You may also need to make a claim against both parties. This could happen if the one driver's liability insurance does not provide enough coverage For example if you are injured in a car accident and sustain $45,000 in medical bills. The driver of the car may only have $10,000 in liability coverage meaning you are going to be $35,000 short trying to recover your medical bills under their policy. As a passenger, you have the right to approach the other driver's insurance to try and recover the remaining amount of your medical bills.

Injured in a Crash as a Passenger?

Were you injured in a crash as a passenger? If you were injured and are having difficulties recovering payment for your injuries our Orange County personal injury attorney can help you now. At theLaw Offices of Scott D. Hughes, we proudly serve Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Clara and San Bernardino.

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