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Los Angeles Police Shooting Lawyer


Los Angeles Police Shooting Lawyer Scott D. Hughes makes government tort claims and files Federal and State Lawsuits on behalf of people injured in a police shooting.

Scott D. Hughes doesn't charge any fees up front to take a Los Angeles Police Shooting case. He will evaluate the case for no charge and file and fund the cost of litigation out of his own pocket. Without civil rights attorneys like Scott Hughes, victims of police abuse would go unrepresented because most often, police abuse victims and their families cannot afford to hire an attorney and cover the cost of litigation against the government.

The judge, in its discretion may allow the prevailing party a reasonable attorneys fee as part of the costs. This means that if the case is successful in court, the attorneys' fees and costs may be paid by the government.

Los Angeles Police Shooting cases are complex and often the evidence to prove the case can be buried by the police. Having an experience civil rights lawyer examine the evidence in your case to determine whether you have a case is critically important, especially doing so early before the statute of limitations may prevent your claims from ever making it to court.

Contact Los Angeles Police Shooting Lawyer Scott D. Hughes at 714-423-6928 for your free consultation.

Scott D. Hughes handles Civil Rights Cases in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego in State and Federal Court.

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