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School District's can be Sued for Child Sexual Abuse by Teachers


In California, If a child is sexually abused by a teacher at a public school, the school district can be financially liable to pay the damages to the child for the sexual abuse of the teacher.

Typical Causes of Action against the Teacher and School District include:

1. Negligent Supervision of Students (Government Code Section 815.2, 815.6, and 820);

2. Negligent Hiring and Supervision, Training and Retention (Government Code Section 815.2, 815.6, and 820);

3. Sexual Harassment in Violation of Civil Code Section 51.9 and 52;

4. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress;

5. Sexual Assault/ Sexual Battery.

If a loved on has been sexually abused by a Teacher in California, it is very important to file government claims within the Statute of Limitations Period to preserve a claim later to be filed in a civil lawsuit.

To discuss filing a government tort claim as well as filing of a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse of a teacher against a school district, contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Scott D. Hughes at 714-423-6928.

Scott D. Hughes handles child sexual abuse victim claims in Orange County and Los Angeles in both State and Federal Court.

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