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Orange County Juvenile Criminal Defense


If a Petition is filed against a minor under Welfare and Institutions Code section 602, the parents and minor will be notified by the Court through the mail. The case will be set for an initial appearance in which the minor will be entitled to have an attorney present, will be interviewed, and will be told what the charges are against the minor.

Parents should appear with their children. It is important that the court and probation see that the minor has a good family that actively supervises and parent's their children. Parents should bring copies of report cards, certifications of appreciation, proof of extracurricular activities etc. to prove to the court and probation that the minor is a good person.

Parents may be responsible for for the costs of support of the minor if he or she is in a county institution, as well as payment of restitution, fines, or penalty assessments if the minor is order to make restitution to the victim or to pay fines or penalty assessments.

Scott Hughes is a juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Orange County, CA.

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