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Orange County Car Accident Lawsuit Damages


The following is a list of some of the types of damages that can be awarded in an Orange County Auto Accident lawsuit:

  • Compensatory Damages A person damaged through another's negligence may recover such amount as will compensate him for all detriment proximately caused thereby, whether it could have been anticipated or not.
  • Punitive Damages punitive damages may be recovered from an intoxicated driver who causes personal injuries.
  • Emotional Distress Damages damages for severe emotional distress are recoverable in a negligence action when they result from the breach of a duty owed the plaintiff.
  • Bystander plaintiff may recover damages for negligent infliction of emotional distress only if plaintiff: (1) is closely related to the injured victim (i.e., absent exceptional circumstances, relatives residing in the same household, or parents, siblings, children, and grandparents of the victim); (2) is present at the scene of the injury-producing event at the time it occurs and is then aware that it is causing injury to the victim; and (3) as a result, suffers serious emotional distress.

If you have a question about what type of damages you could be entitled to receive due to your Orange County Car Accident case, please contact Personal Injury Attorney Scott Hughes for a free consultation!

Scott Hughes is an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer practicing in both State and Federal Court.

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