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Orange County Spinal Injury Lawyer


Orange County Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

The most common cause of spinal cord injuries are auto accidents, however spinal cord injuries can also be cause by falls or work related injuries. Spinal Injuries can be devastating and cause a permement loss of mobility.

It can be very difficult for people with quadriplegia or paraplegia to come to terms with the limitations of their condition. An experienced Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get the resources you need to help in this difficult time.

Attorney Scott D. Hughes is committed to helping people who have been paralyzed due to the negligence of another person. You can contact him by submitting your information on-line or calling him directly at 714-423-6928 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Committed to Helping You Recover the Maximum Amount Damages

The medical costs for a person who has suffered a spinal injury can be in the millions of dollars. Additionally, the lost wages pain and suffering will also be a major portion of your claim. It is imperative that you have a lawyer who compassionately represent your best interests to ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of damages for your medical treatment.

Contact Orange County Spinal Injury Attorneys at Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes at 714-423-6928

Scott Hughes is a Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County practicing in State and Federal Court.

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