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Orange County Personal Injury Evaluation


Personal Injury Evaluation Orange County

It is important to know that Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, Scott Hughes, does not settle a case until the exact nature of the client's medical condition has been determined. It may take several weeks or months to gather all information necessary, and in some cases it is impossible to obtain the necessary information because the doctor cannot answer many questions until treatment has been completed. Sometimes we have to wait one to two years from the date of the accident before we can receive a final medical condition statement. One of the most difficult requests we make of our clients is patience.

As soon as the investigation has been completed and all necessary medical information obtained, we will evaluate your case. We will attempt to arrive at a proper settlement figure. No settlement figure is ever accepted without the client's consent.

Contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Scott Hughes for your free Personal Injury Evaluation today at 714-423-6928!

Scott Hughes is an Orange County Personal Injury Laywer practicing in State and Federal Court.

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