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10 Questions to ask yourself before Hiring an Orange County DUI Lawyer


Following your initial meeting with an Orange County DUI Lawyer and before you make your decision to hire him or her, ask yourself:

1) Did this lawyer listen to me?

2) Did this lawyer carefully inquire about the events preceding my arrest and charge, including the reason given by the officer for stopping me?

3) Did this lawyer ask me to detail all statements made by the officer, all statements I may have made to the officer and the conditions upon which those statements were made?

4) Did this lawyer ask for a detailed description of the area where I may have been tested.

5) Did this lawyer ask me about the names and contact information of any potential witnesses.

6) Did this lawyer inquire about the results of all of my tests?

7) Did this lawyer speak in a way that I could understand?

8) Did this lawyer welcome all of my questions?

9) Did this lawyer answer all of my questions to my satisfaction?

10) Did this lawyer seem defensive or avoid answering any of my questions?

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