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Dont Plead Guilty to an Orange County DUI Without Being Able to Answer These 10 Questions


Before going to court and just pleading guilty to a DUI in Orange County, at a minimum, you or your lawyer, should be able to answer the following 10 questions:

1. What constitutes a DUI in California?

2. What happened to you when you were arrested for DUI?

3. Was the detention, search and arrest legal?

4. Are you certain that the chemical testing equipment was used following the manufacturers’ requirements for fair and accurate testing?

5. Were the preliminary alcohol screening and evidentiary chemical testing devices properly maintained?

6. Can the government prove that you were actually driving and that you were tested within three hours of driving?

7. Are the chemical test reports admissible?

8. Did the preliminary alcohol screening tests and/ or the evidentiary chemical testing comply with Title 17 of the California Government Code?

9. Should you do your own independent analysis of the toxicology?

10. Do you have any other defenses?

Scott Hughes is an Orange County DUI Lawyer and provides free consultations.

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