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Defending Professional Licenses in California


It is not uncommon for Professional license holders to have to deal with professional licensing authorities at least once during their careers. A qualified individual may be denied a license to practice or a Professional license holder may be faced with disciplinary proceedings alleging professional misconduct. At the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes, we are committed to helping Professionals deal with situations involving denial of license, disciplinary investigation, license revocation, suspension of a license, administrative trials, appealing professional board decisions etc. We defend professionals from all walks of life, including agents, brokers, accountants, medical professionals, contractors, mechanics, therapists, psychologists, counselors, barbers, liquor licenses, court reporters, engineer, surveyor, teachers, principals, contractors, social workers, as well as many others. We can help licensed professionals who are faced with administrative hearings involving denial of application for licensing, reconsideration of denial of license, appeal of denial of license, reinstatement of revoked license, disciplinary investigations, appeal against citations and fines, allegations or record of substance abuse, suspension, writs and appeals etc.

Typically, disciplinary action by a licensing agency in California, begins with the service of an 'Accusation' or 'Statement of Issues' on the Professional. The Professional must reply by filing a 'Notice of Defense' denying the allegations within 15 days or any other period mentioned in the accusation. Failure to file a Notice of Defense will result in a default decision and Order. It is important to file a Notice of defense to secure your right to defend and avoid revocation of license. Every professional licensing board has different rules and regulations relating to trial, evidence, mitigation and rehabilitation. A professional license defense attorney can help you deal with all the paperwork, discovery process, preparation of character evidence, formulating a defense etc. An experienced lawyer can help you make a persuasive showing of affirmative evidence, present good character and/or rehabilitation. The accusation is usually resolved by arriving at a mutual settlement or adjudication by a judge. The process may end in dismissal of the case, a public reprimand, a revocation of license, a surrender of license, a conditional license or an order of probation.

The Law Office of Scott D. Hughes is known for its reliability, success, skill, experience, integrity and personalized attention to each client. Scott D. Hughes has experience and expertise in defending professionals before several licensing agency in California. Scott D. Hughes will work to preserve your licensing privileges, limit your exposure to criminal proceedings and protect your privacy.

Scott Hughes is a professional license defense attorney in California.

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