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Orange County Work Related Injuries


Work Related Injuries in Orange County

Work related accidents may sometimes cause serious injuries. Work injuries involve injuries sustained by an employee arising out of and in the course of their employment. Work related injuries can be caused due to the worker’s own neglect, negligence of employer, wrongful conduct of third parties, unsafe premises, defective products/machinery, inadequate safety equipment, inadequate training, inadequate supervision, negligent maintenance, failure to warn, equipment failure, explosions, fires, exposure to hazardous chemicals, or Occupational Safety And Health Administration,(“ OSHA”) violations. Other work injuries involve occupational diseases that develop over a period of time due to the repeated exposure to hazardous chemicals, physical or mental stress directly attributable to the employment. An employee who is injured at the work place is often faced with physical disability, incapacitation, loss of earning capacity, unemployment, pain and suffering, decisions regarding medical treatment, medical bills etc.

California Workers’ Compensation Law mandates that every employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance to cover payments to injured workers during the period of disability, reimbursement of all medical expenses incurred, and compensation for any permanent partial or total disability causing permanent loss in earning capacity. However, workers’ compensation benefits are often not adequate to fully cover the expenses incurred in the wake of the injury. Therefore, an injured and his family may have to deal with complex and confusing legal processes and fight the system in order to receive the compensation they deserves. Orange County workers’ injury lawyer, Scott D. Huges, will take care of your legal objectives of getting the maximum relief available to you under the law, allowing you the peace of mind you need to recuperate from your injuries. We will help you determining a correct amount of your claim and help maximize your medical insurance benefits, state disability benefits, social security benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, lost wages and survivor benefits. We will work hard to get you the compensation required to adequately cover your medical expenses and lost wages. The law prohibits an employer from firing or retaliating against employees who have filed a workers’ compensation claim.

A work place injury lawsuit may also be brought against the employer or third parties, simultaneously with filing a workers’ compensation claim. A civil action against third parties like contractors, suppliers, and other workers may enable a greater recovery. Scott D. Hughes has experience handling both worker’s compensation claims and third party work injury lawsuits. If you have been injured and the employer’s insurer has denied your claim for compensation or medical benefits, contact the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes for a free no obligation initial consultation.

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