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Top 5 Iphone Apps for California Lawyers


There are thousands of apps geared at productivity. Which are the top apps that every California lawyer should have on their iPhone? This post will introduce you to five most effective apps that every practicing California lawyer should download to their iPhone now.

CAL FELONY: This app is a necessity for California criminal defense lawyers. Cal Felony is a great reference containing the California felony sentencing guidelines for all of the most common charged offenses. The app provides access to the sentencing guidelines at any time, features offline access, easy browsing through all the codes, and a fast full-text search so that you can easily find sections of interest to you without having to know the exact statute. The app also gives you the ability to bookmark and e-mail any article. This must-have app is available for download through iTunes CalFelony

CAL CODES: A must for all practicing lawyers who need to access California codes on the go. Cal Codes contains the complete 2011 California State Penal Code, Vehicle Code and Criminal Code all in one app. The app is a great way to have all three complete 2011 California codes in one app available to an on the go lawyer at anytime, no internet connection required. Download the app from iTunes Cal Codes

CAL CIVIL: A great app for lawyers practicing in civil litigation. Cal Civil contains the complete 2011 California State Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code and Evidence Code. Three complete 2011 California Codes are available to the mobile lawyer at any time, no Internet required. Additionally, the app contains a fast “Google-style” full-text searching ability so that an attorney can quickly find sections of interest, even without knowing the specific law or statute. The app is available for download from iTunes Cal Civil

EVERNOTE: Evernote is a great app to help lawyers record and capture ideas. Lawyers using Evernote can record up to 90 minutes of audio (and even type notes while recording), attach snapshots from any site visits directly from your phone’s camera roll, assign notes and any saved items to specific categories, assign locations to your notes, and allow you to sync everything to your Mac and browse through notes with ease. Download the app from iTunes Evernote

Scott Hughes is an Attorney in Orange County and Los Angeles County California, practicing in Federal and State Courts.

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