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Assembly Appropriations Committee to hear California DREAM Act


On Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 9:00 a.m., AB 130 and AB 131 of the California DREAM Act will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. As you may recall in our previous blog post on the DREAM Act, the DREAM Act’s passage would have allowed certain individuals meeting specific requirements to have an opportunity to go to college or enlist in the military and provided a path to citizenship otherwise unavailable to them. In particular, AB 130 and AB 131 pertain to undocumented students and make them eligible for non-state funds and student aid programs at California public institutions of higher education.

If you would like to contact the Appropriations Chair, Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, to urge his support for both bills, call (916) 319-2039.

Scott Hughes is an attorney in Orange County, California practicing in State and Federal Court.

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