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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Orange County, California

The choice of placing a loved one in a nursing home is very difficult but may be necessary so they may get the proper care and attention they deserve. However, when these nursing homes abuse or neglect their patients, the patients need to be removed immediately.  Additionally, a competent and aggressive Orange County Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer needs to take action immediately against the responsible parties including the individual abuser and the Nursing Home itself. 

Nursing Home Abuse in Orange County

If you suspect your loved one is experiencing either abuse or neglect, ask your family member about it directly, contact the nursing home staff, caregivers or employees about your suspicions. Observe the cleanliness of the patients and the rooms including common areas where visitors are do not frequently view.  Examine your elderly family member's personal hygiene and look for unexplained bruises or other evidence of physical abuse or restraint marks on their arms or legs. Be extremely familiar with their medication and diet regime. If you suspect your loved one is experiencing either abuse or neglect, Orange County nursing home abuse attorney Scott D. Hughes will fight for your loved one's legal rights.

If you or family members suspect your loved one is suffering abuse or neglect at their nursing home, please speak with a lawyer to discuss the facts you observed by calling 714-423-6928.

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