Misdiagnosed DIP Joint Dislocation Injury of the Fingers

The distal interphalangeal joint of the finger, otherwise known as the DIP joint, is the first knuckle from the tip of the finger. This joint connects the distal phalanx (finger-tip bone) and middle phalanx (middle bone of the finger) together. Dislocation injuries of the DIP joint can occur during participation in aggressive ball catching sports such as baseball, volleyball, and basketball.

When a hand injury occurs during one of these types of sports, it is important that a patient seek prompt medical attention. DIP joint dislocations can be obvious when the tip of the finger is bent the wrong way, there is decreased range of motion in the joint, there is an open injury, the patient experiences extreme pain and/or sensory loss. Non-obvious DIP joint dislocations that are "closed" or "isolated" can be missed due to negligence.

If a DIP joint dislocation injury is diagnosed immediately or shortly after the injury occurs, a doctor may be able to reduce the injury and splint it in the medical office, saving you from future surgery.

When does medical malpractice occur regarding a DIP joint dislocation?

Permanent injuries caused by the failure to diagnose a dislocated DIP joint of the finger can occur when a doctor fails to timely and appropriately diagnose a DIP joint dislocation.

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