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Prescription drug manufacturers absolutely should be held liable for injuries they cause when they make dangerous drugs and/or fail to adequately warn of their dangerous side effects. Consumers put their trust in drug manufacturers and drug companies to provide adequate safety information and health standards for the use of prescription drugs. When a doctor prescribes medication, a patient trusts the fact that the doctor is aware of the risks and potential side effects of that drug. However, every year, many people die from unknown side effects because the manufacturer failed to adequately warn of the drug's dangerous qualities.

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Many prescription drugs have been recalled. Some of the most common dangerous drugs which have caused life altering side effects and / or injuries include: Bextra; Celebrex; Vioxx; Zyprex; Fen-Phen; Duract; Yaz, Yazmin, Ocella; Pradaxa; IUD; SSRI; Transvaginal Mesh Cases.

However, there are numerous prescription and over the counter drugs which are dangerous and available to potential injury victims. If you are taking or have ever taken any of these drugs, please contact our Orange County Dangerous Drug Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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