Appointment of a Guardian for Your Minor Child

Appointment by the Court

If you and your co-parent become unable to care for your minor child due to your incapacity or death, the probate court will appoint a guardian over your child's person and estate. The guardian over your child's person is in charge of raising your child and taking over the duties of a parent. These duties include: deciding where they live, deciding where to enroll them in school, and taking care of their medical needs by making doctor's appointments. The court will also appoint a guardian over your child's estate. This may be the same person as the guardian over the child's person. The guardian of your child's estate is in charge of taking care of their finances, including any inheritance money, and property.

Making Your Wishes Known

You and your co-parent may appoint a guardian for your minor child via a declaration signed and witnessed during your lifetime that is effective upon your incapacity or death. Once the court establishes the validity of the declaration, the court will appoint the guardian chosen by the parents. It is important to nominate multiple alternate guardians in the event of a resignation or death of a nominated guardian.

Southern California Guardianship Appointment Attorneys

A guardianship appointment is a way to put your worries aside regarding who will take care of your child in the event you and your co-parent are incapacitated or pass away. The attorneys at the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes are experienced in preparing guardianships. Guardianships can be one of the most important elements of a well thought out estate plan. The attorneys at the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes are available to discuss guardianships with you and offer free telephone consultations. Contact the Law Office of Scott D. Hughes to discuss whether a guardianship is right for you at (714) 987-2671.

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